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Who We Are

We are Sherpas Gaming Inc. a premier provider of video game services. We currently provide services for Destiny 2, Anthem, and most recently Division 2. For over 3 years we have been providing premium services with a special focus on customer support completing over 15,000 orders. Here at Sherpas Gaming we contract out some of the very best the game has to offer ensuring that your services are completely efficiently. We pride ourselves on our communication process during the order. Our Sherpas will reach out before starting the order ensuring the account is available and will keep you up to date as the service progresses. Not everyone has the free time to grind away countless hours, let our Sherpas help you get to the endgame! We look forward to lending a helping hand.

Why buy Division 2 Boosting?

After a couple of hours of playing the game, the player will figure out, that it is pretty hard to get access to some missions, because of the leveling system. The Division 2 has requirements, that the gamer will have to pass in order to progress through the story. But it will become boring to shoot out enemies and finish the same objectives over and over again. The only bright side about the gaming process of Division 2 – is the fact, that you can witness some great action in more detailed missions of the main campaign. But in order to unlock those missions, you will have to waste a lot of time in the process. A much faster way for progressing through the game – is to buy The Division 2 boosting. Our website allows you to get exactly what you want to get from the game with our Division 2 boosting. It is possible for you to order even a specific mission in the game to be completed with the help of our Sherpas. Most of the time, gamers are interested in getting the best loot for their in-game character. But it will take a lot of time for the gamer to level up and gear their character personally. The best way on how to do that – is with Division 2 boosting. Our Sherpas have  knowledge on how everything should be done and complete the job efficiently. Sherpas will help you stay ahead of the pack.